The Anthony Galluzzo Corporation
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Our History: Knowledge. Respect. Pride.

In 1972 Anthony Galluzzo Sr. founded The Anthony Galluzzo Corporation.

Schooled in woodworking in Milan by Italian masters, he and his brother Salvatore brought to their craft a deep knowledge of and respect for wood. They knew how to mill it. To work it. To finish it. They also knew how to use it wisely, wasting nothing.

Our father transferred ownership to us – Tony Jr., Dave and Joe – in 2001. But thanks to Dad and Uncle Sal, we all started learning the craft and the business from an early age. Today our roles within the company reflect our individual strengths: Joe is responsible for marketing, business development and operations. Dave manages our technology systems and facility. And Tony Jr. is the chief financial officer.

Our father’s legacy – and the pride he instilled in us – continue to drive every choice we make.

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